Walking and trail running

Hiking and trail running Cape Winelands

Hiking and trail running Cape Winelands:  The Stellenbosch and Helderberg mountain ranges are any hiker and trail runner’s dream.  With miles and miles of single track and breathtaking scenery, the mountain will keep calling to you until you go to them!

For those not so skilled on the trails, the Cape Winelands offer numerous walking opportunities.  The Strand is well known for its long and winding beach, ideal at low tide for walking and running.  Visited by locals, regulars and tourists alike, this is an ideal choice for either relaxed or more focused exercise.

Greenways Golf Estate, in which Strand Beach Lodge is securely located,  has numerous paved walk ways throughout the estate, as well as bordering the total line of the beach front.  These are ideal for running or walking in all kinds of weather.

There are also numerous trail running options in the surrounding mountain ranges of the Cape Winelands.  With easy access from Somerset West or Stellenbosch, trail running in the mountains is a very popular activity in the region.

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